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    Sea Change

    Llys Helig is a legendary palace in the north of Wales during the sixth century, where the kingdom stretched across the area and is believed to be beneath the sea at Conway Bay.

    Diving into a world I know

    from long ago,

    so clear and blue and indigo.

    Be it salt or be it pooled,

    sea-life present, or is it me

    whose blood runs cold,

    aligned to sea?

    Breaths I grasp, as need be,

    held with stroke and flourish, form—

    lapped water in my ears breaks

    where air and stream do swarm.

    Floating as a feather loosed,

    drifting to and fro, awash,

    then breaking weightless, deep

    through water, parted and fused.

    Is this my cradle, my stronghold

    where truly I belong, where woe wanes

    and aches are quelled?

    I freestyle on toward Llys Helig.

    Yet when I must, when breath begs air,

    released, when I step on land,

    dripping fair and light,

    … the weight of the world

    seizes me upright.