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The War Has Ended but the Memory Lingers On
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    Synopsis: This fascinating tale of living under German occupation during World War II is told from the unique perspective of a Dutch secret agent. Highlighted by high drama, it is an epic story of life and conflict in the presence of an oppressive enemy. The anti-German struggle in the Netherlands was centered on sabotage requiring stealth and cunning. The reality of war forced many to choose between helping with the resistance, going into hiding, or leaving the country. ...

    Two Generations-Visions of Life, Volume 1
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      Synopsis: Two Generations volume one is the autobiography of my father (Harold) born during 1899 in a small village in Michigan. Harold grew up in a poor financially family in a village near Kalamazoo, Michigan. His childhood home was a small two bedroom house with five brothers and two sisters. There was no plumbing or electricity during his years at home. Through hard work and determination he graduated from college. He was a track star at college breaking Michigan’s time for the two miles....

      Two Generations-Visions of life, volume 2
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        Synopsis:Volume two is my (Rick) autobiography. I was born during 1940 during an era of little crime and house’s outside doors were never locked. There were no school buses and kids could stay after school and used the playground for activities The Children’s mothers were not concern as they knew eventually they would be home for supper. I graduated from Adrian College, a private college in south-east Michigan. I met my wife at a college dance during her first week of college. At this time I...