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Moon Thief
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    SynopsisFour hundred years in the future, a post apocalyptic society emerges. Within this community, one who is different awaits his destiny of controlling the powers of the life giving Moon. Another waits to steal the power and return life to its greed ridden ways. Will the thief of Moon's powers overcome Moon Child and change the world forever?

    The Call: Faithful Endeavors
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      Synopsis "How would you respond to your own complicity in a childhood indiscretion? What if the memory of that one singular event persisted throughout your life as vividly as the day it happened? What if it prompted a choice and a reason to fulfill your purpose? Ken is haunted incessantly by these questions. A single phone call, made when he was just nine years old, initiates a cascade of circumstances that eventually become the core of his reality. Every action has intent, every intent has...

      The Wake-up Call ePub
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        In 1970, pampered, naive, Philly-born Frannie is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of nursing school and college life in Dallas. A love-hate relationship erupts when Robin, her fiery, red-headed roommate, arrives from Chicago to find Frannie's belongings covering every inch of space in their room, and Frannie nowhere in sight. Adding fuel to the fire, Frannie pursues a relationship with a sophomore hunk whom Robin insists is pond scum. She ignores her suitemates' pleas to join their study...