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    A wonderful way to extend the life of

    your gloves, while keeping dirt from

    getting under your nails. Purchase

    rubber finger page turner tips from

    your local office supply store. Buy

    several sizes and put them on your

    fingers. Then slide your garden

    gloves over your hands with tips

    on each finger and you have now

    created the greatest gloves ever.


    Save the egg shells and when they are

    dried out, crush them but don’t make

    powder (you need tiny little pieces

    of egg shells). Use them as a bug

    deterrent. About 2 to 3 inches form

    the main stack of the plant make a

    circle of egg shells, about an inch wide.

    Poor little crawling bugs hate to walk

    on something that will cut their little

    bitty feet. Try it! It really works!


    When the grandchildren were little,

    we had a pumpkin patch and the

    kids lightly carved their names into

    the pumpkin skin and as the

    pumpkins grew, their names

    grew to maturity.